What We Believe

Concho holds the following statement of faith as being a summary of Christian doctrine whose authority consists only in its agreement and harmony with the Word of God. A full statement of faith can be requested in person or by email. Concho Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church that believes:

  • In a supernatural Bible (Gen-Rev)
  • Which tells of a supernatural Christ (Son of God)
  • Who had a supernatural birth (Virgin Birth)
  • Who spoke supernatural words
  • Who performed supernatural miracles
  • Who lived a supernatural life and died a supernatural death
  • Who supernaturally rose back to life
  • Who now intercedes as a supernatural High Priest 
  • Who will return someday in a supernatural fashion (Rapture)
  • To establish a supernatural kingdom on Earth (Millennial Reign)

What to Expect

We are a traditional church with modern vision. Concho Baptist is made up of good folk. Many you probably know from around town and Coleman County. We love the Lord and each other. When you come to Concho expect to be greeted by handshakes, smiles, and even some hugs. The ministry of the Word of God is the focus of every service. You'll find in all our classes and services that the Bible & the Love of Christ is who we are.

Missions at Concho

After meeting Pastor Mitchell one thing you will learn quickly is that he has a heart for missions. Monthly financial support of missions is part of our vision, both here in Coleman and around the world. Supporting local agencies like the Coleman Senior Center as well as foreign missionaries throughout the World makes missions a part of who we are. Currently we financially support 13 mission works. It is exciting to see our regular support make a difference in the lives of those "across the street and around the world".


​We hope you'll join us at our next service and we look forward to meeting you. Attending a new church can be intimidating and we want to make you as at ease as possible. We encourage you to arrive early to look around the building, get acquainted with others, locate the nursery and classrooms for your children, and find a good seat in our new and updated Sanctuary. 

Our greeters are at the door as you enter and are eager to help you in any way possible. 

Please stop by the Welcome Center for more church information, upcoming events and sermon recordings. 

Our Facilities

We are very proud of what God has given us. The Sanctuary was recently remodeled and we are in the process of completing exterior & roof renovations. Our "Family Time Fellowship Hall" houses our Nursery & kids classes. The completion of the Fellowship Hall remodeling in the Summer of 2020 will complete our whole Church facelift. Below are pictures of the Sanctuary!

 Vision at Concho

Here at Concho, we have experienced God do amazing things! And we have high expectations every service that God will move hearts. The love, cooperation, and compassion in our church and for our city keeps us moving forward. Our vision is to continue spreading the hope of the Gospel through Coleman, Texas, the U.S., and to the World. 

about COncho Baptist Church

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Our History

South Coleman Baptist Church was formed in 1927 and located at the corner of 11th & Pecos. In 1954, after a move to Concho Street, the name changed to Concho Baptist Church. By 1956, the church completed the current facility on 10th and Concho. For 93 years, Concho has been reaching out to Coleman and Coleman County with Christ's message of love & Salvation.